Tuesday, February 26, 2013

a little whimsy

My latest online class Whimsy and Wonder is in full swing and I am loving this class so much. Since I am completely consumed by all things daydreams and imagination right now, I couldn't resist sharing a few simple ways to infuse a little whimsy into your art. 

p.s. I am also announcing the winners of the 5 free spots for Whimsy and Wonder at the end of the post.

I think daydreaming can be a wonderful way to come up with new ideas and unique inspiration for your art and creative projects. Carve out 10 minutes in your day to detach from your surroundings, let your mind wander to pleasant things, distant places and silly ideas- allow your imagination run wild! Take notes- write things down, sketch or doodle your daydreams. Use those notes as inspiration and a starting place for your art. 

In my opinion, remembering childhood or that sense of child like innocence and wonder is one of the best ways to capture whimsy. Finger paint, scribble, close your eyes while creating or use your non dominant hand to draw. These are all fun ways to let your inhibitions go and create like a kid again!

Your memories make for some of the BEST whimsical subject matter! Take time to gather photos, journal or sketch your memories. Use the places you have been, events, and moments in your personal history as the inspiration for your art. If you don't have a visual reference for your memories, use your imagination to fill in the blanks.

In my opinion color is one of the easiest ways to add a sense of whimsy to your work! Color can transform a simple line drawing into something vibrant and whimsical- TURN UP THE COLOR to create a mood that captures your imagination OR use unexpected colors in unexpected places.

The most important thing to remember when making art that is infused with whimsy is to have fun! Get rid of you inner critic and throw perfection out the window- creating whimsical art is all about being carefree!

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