Friday, June 25, 2010

photo shoot- DONE!


I am finished with the photo shoot in Fort Collins and back in the Denver area with my mother in law and I am exhausted but OH SO EXCITED!! The strange thing about this whole book process is that at this stage I really can't share much (which is hard for me because I really like to share!) but what I can say is that the last few days exceeded all of my expectations. The whole team at Interweave Press was beyond amazing and the process was incredibly collaborative and creative. We spent three days in Joe Coca's studio (which was the coolest studio-in an old brick building, complete with a garden out back, two friendly dogs and really good music to keep us going all day!) I will be sharing more details and information when I get the green light but for now I will say that while there is still tons of work to be done- I am walking away from this week and this experience inspired, motivated, confident and so excited about the things to come.


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