Tuesday, February 23, 2010

it's the simple things

Finally I seem to be settling into a groove with this whole "working for myself at home thing" and while my days are long and pretty wild and crazy, I am finding there are a few simple things that keep me happy and productive throughout the day! Like my "work attire" -half the clothing in my closet, even the nice stuff is now covered in paint. It brings me joy every morning to put on pants and skirts (that I used to wear to my old office job) that are now smeared with paint!

Giant mugs of Gyokuro Imperial green tea that I drink all day long!

My lucky hat that that I wear everyday to work- it is the only thing keeping me from chopping my hair off! When you are growing your hair out, it is benificial to have a cute hat on hand!

My do list- I have to keep lists or all my creative ideas and tasks would sadly be forgotten! I take time every evening to plan out my tasks and use it work from each day in the studio.

Music and lots of it! I listen to my favorite Pandora stations all day long (Indian/Bollywood music seems to keep me the most productive and energized!)

Handfuls of animal cookies- my favorite treat- which were consumed while writing this post!

Reminder- I will be announcing winners of the journals tomorrow and sharing a fun tutorial!


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