Friday, February 19, 2010

i heart food

I am not very domestic but I do love to cook (fun fact: my longtime dream is to open a cafe/gallery some day) and like everything else in my life, cooking is another form of creativity, expression and passion. Since quitting my job and working from home I have set aside time to cook for my husband every night- just about the only domestic task I am able to stick to these days! I make time to step away from everything else and lose myself in culinary bliss for 1 hour in the kitchen. I love (eating) and cooking food with all of my heart- it is a way to give of myself, a simple source of joy, escape, and strangely one of the only ways that I am able rest my overactive brain. All of my senses are engaged and I am able to just appreciate the ritual of preparing beautiful and delicious cuisine! Lately I am on a mission to grow my blog into a place that truly represents my "redefined" creative approach to life and this includes food! Don't worry I won't stop sharing cafty projects but I do want to try and share simple things that keep my own life full of inspiration!

sometimes you just don't need paint to express yourself!

pizza on ciabatta loaf with homemade tomato sauce, basic and low fat mozzarella

pizza on ciabatta loaf with goat cheese, sweet potatoes, kale and canalized onions


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