Monday, February 01, 2010

Creative Meltdown

Since returning home from Anaheim last week I have been in a creative flurry of activity (visualize tasmanian devil with a paintbrush!) trying to get things finished, orders filled, grasping at opportunities, planning for the future, holding on to momentum and on and on and on. After working for at least 10 hours each day last week and then 13 hours straight on Saturday I began to feel myself hitting a wall and Sunday I had a meltdown. One of those crying, every issue, frustration, fear, insecurity comes out kind of meltdown (don't worry, I usually have one of these every couple of months and always end up feeling better). It was in my explosion of tears and talking with my husband that I began to realize the problem...

my name is Alisa Burke and I am a workaholic!

Now that I have been living my dream of working full time as an artist, I've realized that I am slowly turning onto one of those people who eats, breathes, and worships their work! And while working for myself ROCKS- things are not always creative and happy in my world! I am now answering some big questions, overcoming challenges and trying to figure out self employment and self care. To be honest- it is wearing me down! Insert meltdown here. So I forced myself to take a couple days away from my blog (and other things) this weekend to just chill out a bit and put a little balance back into my life. But tomorrow I will be back and have a SUPER cool tutorial and giveaway planned!


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