Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the Winner Is.........

The winner of the Custom Clutch is Little Fragment Studios- Congratulations- please contact me so we can start planning your custom clutch! 

I just have to start by saying all the comments that everyone left about all they juggle were incredibly inspiring and reassuring.  I often feel like I am the only one juggling (though I know this is not true) in my low moments- which are fleeting- I tend to feel frustrated, challenged and not sure why I am doing what I am doing. Reading about the things that all of you have going on reminds me of how complex, multifaceted and amazing WE women are! 

In honor of the lives that many of us lead I am going to start hosting a monthly interview on my blog about women who are juggling normal life along with making some of their dreams come true.  So if you are raising a family and growing a small business or working all day and then working into the night on your passion- please contact me! I will be posting very soon my first interview with a childhood friend who is growing a business as a chef- stay tuned!   


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