Tuesday, January 21, 2020

moon and stars wall hanging

There is nothing that I love more than creating whimsical and colorful art and decor out of simple things! I've been cleaning and redecorating my studio and I have a tall corner that needed a little brightening up.

I grabbed a big embroidery hoop, scrap fabric and and some scrap paper and created this fun moon and stars wall hanging.

A perfect way to add a little magic to a corner of my space! 


Beverley Baird said...

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing how it was created.

Barb said...

Fantastic. as always.

Barb NC

iHanna said...

Awesome idea and execution Alisa. I have an idea of sewing a cloud for the wall, maybe this year it will happen...

Anonymous said...

Hi Alisa. I was asked to make this for a nursery. You have shown how to make it so clearly. There will be a cloud, rainbow, and rain drop mobile and quilt, with you wall hanging. The room will be so peaceful...I can see myself wanting to move in!
Zuzanna in northern Canada


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