Tuesday, November 08, 2016

tips for working in layers

Working in layers when I paint is a really big part of my creative process! There is something really interesting and dynamic about color, pattern, marks, text and images that are layered on top of each other. I've always loved that layers enable you to tell a story, create the sense mystery (what is beneath all those layers?) and play with color. Today I thought I would share some of my favorite tips and tricks for working in layers.

If you are working with lots of color, I always recommend starting with 2 or 3 colors and then letting things dry before adding more. I always hit my surface with a hair dryer so it will dry fast and I can keep going.

As you get comfortable with using 2-3 colors, try adding even more! Don't be afraid to layer lots of color but remember letting colors and layers dry in between is the best way to keep things from getting muddy.
For me, it is really important for me create surfaces that have a lot of vibrant colors that pop. As my layers dry, I like try to lighten and brighten things up by adding vibrant or contrasting colors for my last layer.
Don't be afraid to use a variety of supplies to add those layers! I love using paint brushes but I also like using all kinds of other supplies like a brayer, old credit cards for swiping paint, even my hands!

If you are painting over the top of a colorful and messy page, keep in mind you want to select colors that won't blend or get lost. For example, I tend to select black or white to go over the top of darker/brighter colors because I am able to really create a lot of contrast.
Keep in mind those black and white layers of paint make a great surface for a layer of drawing!

Don't be afraid to add expressive and messy marks, doodles, stamps, stencils and drawings in between all those layers of paint. I even love taking it a step further and painting over parts and pieces of those details.
Give yourself a number of layers to build- for example start with two or three layers. Try practicing this amount of layers and then work your way up to adding more. This process can help you figure out how many layers work for you and when it feels right to stop.


Gigi said...

Lovely work

Naked Eye Studio said...

Love working in layers! It makes the piece so fluid and keeps the colors bold and intentional. I love how your color choices work so well together too.

peggy gatto said...

Oh thank you, loved all your tricks!!!

Dliche said...

Agree..This is good!


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