Tuesday, November 01, 2016

lets collaborate!

Hey friends! I have all kinds of stuff going on over here and lots of growth and changes on the way! And today I have a quick announcement and some possible opportunities for you. 

Here on the blog I am looking to collaborate, share student work, highlight artists stories and studios. Below are a handful of opportunities to get featured or get involved!

*Have you taken my classes and created work inspired by those classes? I want to share your work! Send photos of your art and your information to me at alisaburkesubmissions@gmail.com

*Do you have an inspiring creative space? Send me a sample photo and a little information about yourself to alisaburkesubmissions@gmail.com for an opportunity to be featured!

*Do you have a small business that you are proud of? Or maybe you have a creative journey that you want to share. Send me a little information about your story at alisaburkesubmissions@gmail.com for the opportunity to be featured in my "The Art of Chasing a Dream" series.

*Do you have ideas for DIY projects, art tutorials or kids projects? I am currently seeking guest bloggers (paid opportunities). Send me an email at alisaburkesubmissions@gmail.com for more information!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Good quality photos (bright, well lit, inspiring imagery, colorful) are a really important part of the blog so please send photos that represent your work in the best possible way!


Unknown said...

Wow what great ideas you have Alisa! I recently purchased your blogging tutorial and the start a creative business tutorial and on the back of your amazing content have started a blog/website for our family self catering holiday home in the highlands of Scotland. It is not yet finished .... but you definitely inspired it! Thank you - Jennifer Gordon

jo kelly said...

You've been inspiring me for years - I love the sound of this project Alisa!... you're always encouraging and pushing artists forward. Thanks!!

BlueBirdLegacy said...

Oh This is so fantastic! I have some projects to share, and I would so like to share my little studio. You have inspired me to keep going as an artist. Thank You Alisa!

Amaia - You Made My Day Blog said...

I just sent you an email! Youhou!

stefanie stark said...

Wow, your offer is such a wonderful and great opportunity! I will send something soon. Thank you very much not only for sharing this but also for all the inspiration and motivation I got from your blog and your classes :)

Sew Hungryhippie said...

How awesome!Collabnation!


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