Monday, November 28, 2016

new coloring book available!

I am incredibly excited to announce that my latest coloring book Feminine Wild is now available for purchase! This is a 25 page self published coloring book that I collaborated on with my crazy talented husband Andy. About 6 months ago, we had the idea to create a coloring book that made use of our individual talents! Andy is a master at drawing portraits and I love drawing pattern so we began working on a coloring book completely dedicated to women- all kinds of bold and beautiful women! 

The coloring book is available over in my shop and on Amazon. Here is a little peek.

This coloring book really lends itself to coloring pattern but it also give you the opportunity to play with shading faces. In the coming weeks Andy will be sharing all kinds of simple shading tips and tricks for shading the pages of this book.

P.S. Another batch of messy pouches are in the shop this week and I've got more coming in weeks ahead!


Unknown said...

Your work is always unique and love this collaboration between the two styles!

Muriel said...

I love collaborative work and drawings and colouring. You and your husband have done a fabulous job. I've just put your book on my Christmas wish-list.

cococita said...

Such a wonderful colouring book and yes, as Jennifer Gordon says, unique in its style!
Congratulations to the two of you: you created something very beautiful.
Amazing talents united ...
I can sense the love both of you put into this collaborative project.
Be proud, dear people, as you add so much to how I experience this world!

Brig said...



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