Wednesday, November 19, 2014

paper ornament wreath

Over the years I've had lots of fun coming up with all kinds of unique wreaths and this year I've got some fun ideas up my sleeve.

Since I have been busy creating hand made art journals, I now have TONS of leftover strips of paper scraps and I came up with a fun way to put those scraps to use- creating paper ornaments!

I can remember creating paper ornaments from strips of construction paper back in elementary school and I love the idea of using this concept but with unique paper.  

To start I grabbed 4-5 strips of paper.

I bent the paper into a circle and using hot glue attached both ends.

Next, I bent another strip of paper over the top of the first and continued bending and gluing strips of paper until I formed a ball.

All those paper balls can be used for ornaments or even a garland!

I used mine to create a big colorful wreath by gluing all the paper ornaments to a wooden embroidery hoop.

I love how fun and colorful the wreath turned out! It can be used as non traditional holiday wreath or even something that can stay up year round. Three cheers for not throwing away scraps!


RONICA said...


Ageeth Mooij said...

It's just like in the kitchen, with leftovers you make delicious dishes and in this case the best stuff!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic fun.

Elisabetta Brustio said...

Wooooooo!!!! I love it!!!!!!
You gave me inspiration for my Christmas tree!

Unknown said...

Very pretty! What kind of paper did you use?

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely brilliant idea! They are so so cheery! Love them! Will definitely be making some with my littles this year (we make new ornaments every year and these are perfect for this years ones!)....thank you! As ever, you are a source of **so much** inspiration!!!!

Jo Murray said...

Clever waste.

studioGypsy said...


Simsim said...

Ooh! Much nicer than paper chains! We will be doing this instead this year! xx

Val said...

Great idea, and so pretty!

willowday said...

I've just found your via mericherry who just shared this wreath. It's brilliant: positively brilliant! Thanks for sharing!


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