Monday, November 03, 2014

around these parts

I am pretty much smitten with Instagram and it is a place where I am able to document, show and share a more personal look into our life (without words).You can follow me HERE for a peek into our daily happenings.


A bike on my shirt said...

Beautiful moments! I love the video of your daughter!! hahaha it's really fun

Elisabetta Brustio said...

Lucy è sempre splendida!!! Adesso è passata anche al trucco e parrucco ... :)
Meravigliosi scatti di vita!!!

Lucy is always beautiful Now also came to hair and makeup... :)
Wonderful shots of life!!!

Stephanie said...

LOVE the video and the hair and makeup shots. SOOO sweet.

Jana Johnson said...

What a great collection of photos! Curious where the first photo was taken - somewhere in Astoria maybe? Please share where :) Love that wall! Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Love looking at Lucy's grip on that paintbrush ... such a little professional! :)

Johanne said...

The nail polish on dad and face painting on mom pictures made me smile. My "little ones", now young adults, can hardly believe that their parents subjected themselves to such fun activities...Whenever we pull out these childhood pictures, we have a good laugh.


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