Monday, May 05, 2014

cement flower pots

We have been hard at work on our yard and recently we decided to tackle a cement DIY project that has been on our to list- making our own flower pots. I first have to say that it would be much easier to buy flower pots from the store- making anything with cement or concrete is really time involved and super messy- but once you get the hang of it, the process is easy and really fun! 

The first thing we did was mix up the cement- we used Cement All and added a little bit of pea gravel to the mixture. My husband has extensive experience working with concrete and cement so I left this part up to him!

Next we filled all kinds of containers and pots with the cement. We placed a smaller container in the middle to create the inside of the planter. Spraying everything with Pam or some kind of oil or grease helps the cement pot release from the form.

*Some of the pots we added a pipe to the bottom to create a drain hole and others we drilled a drain hole after the cement was cured.

We also create a couple Orbs for garden decoration by filling glass light fixtures with cement. Once the cement cured we broke the glass to reveal really cool cement orbs.

Once everything was cured (took a couple of hours) we cut away the plastic containers and were left with cement pots. I used outdoor paint and added some fun designs to a few of the pots.

We were incredibly excited about the results and have all kinds of ideas for more cement projects!


Jazzysofia said...

Hai Alisa,

I'm following your blog for quite a while now. Via bloglovin'it shows up in a row of blogs.
I love your style.
It's so distinctive.
Without a reading a word, at first glance I spotted your hand on the flowering pots.
They are great!!!
Thanks for all the inspiration you give me. About art and motherhood.

Warm greetings,

Sofia Gaal

Ingrid Orens said...

Good idea how to make cement orbs ! They look great !

Lallabel said...

I really love the final effect they make!

Carrie said...

Wow, perfect timing! I was just thinking about doing this over the weekend but needed a little more information before tackling this project. Thanks a bunch for posting!

Sarah Shermann said...

Really love this as an idea,they've turn out great xo

Giddings Art said...

I especially like the orbs! How creative!!

Unknown said...

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