Friday, May 02, 2014

fashion friday- for the love of polka dots

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Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

I LOVE the DOTS, and circles in these looks!
I think they are great in ART too!
I use them often in my ART work!
Have a good day ( =

Hannah said...

Those polka dot shoes are gorgeous! It's amazing the different feel you get just by changing the scale of the dots. :)

Brooke said...

I adore polka dots! My rain boots have polka dots which feels so appropriate. When it's raining polka dots definitely add cheer :)

I used to have a pair of awesome polka dots tights, I'd wear them whenever I need a little pick me up. Sadly eventually, like with most tights, my toes went through the ends and they had to go :(

I'm feeling inspired to go do a little shopping today, I'll be on the look out for polka dots!

Dorothy said...

Love the polka dots also! I too have polka dot boots. I got them in the mail on Tuesday and have been wearing them since. So much easier to walk in than my winter boots that I've been wearing since October.

dawn said...

I LOVE polka-dots but don't wear them, lol. If I could find the perfect outfit with them I would wear it though!!

Stripes is my main go-to when shopping.

likeanaturalw said...

This outfit are very very nice!!!

yælæd said...

LOVE these outfits! So classic!


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