Wednesday, March 27, 2013

last minute flower vases

 Spring (and Easter) are around the corner which means flower season is HERE! I love using clusters of vases/flowers when entertaining and I always try to keep fresh flowers around our home but I never seem to have pretty vases on hand for my arrangements. So I asked my mom (the gardener and expert on all things flowers and arranging) to help me come up with a handful of SUPER fast and easy ways to transform things around the house into creative vases. 

Grab that acrylic paint and dip the bottom of a vase or glassware in the paint. The acrylic paint is not permanent but will last and hold up until you wash it!

A cereal bowl (glass, ceramic or even plastic) works great for flower arranging. 
Simply add pebbles or stones, place a floral frog (the best creation ever) in the stones and add flowers- the frog enables you to arrange the flowers upright. 
We added moss to the top of the pebbles.

Use a glass candle holder, shallow bowl or plate and paint with polka dots. 
Add a floral frog, water and flowers. 

Recycle those glass food jars (herb, spices, jam, baby food, etc) and use them as vases.
Use acrylic paint to add letters, words or pattern
Embellish the top with decorative ribbons, lace or beads.

Wine glasses and goblets make a great tall vase for flowers.

SO many everyday things can be filled with flowers. Take a look around your house and see what you can come up with!


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

The Yellow is so Spring!
Nice IDEAS!!!

Agnesss in Africa said...

I loooove that kind of flowers :)
Reminds me my weeding day :)

niniandthesea said...

Thanx Mom!!! Love your ideas...will go cut some daffs today and make a nice little tablescape! Happy Spring!


Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

Beautiful ideas for a wedding, shower, get-together or a perfect round-the-table with loved ones.

Great ideas from Mom!


Unknown said...

Floral frogs? What a great invention!
Looks like I'll need to get some.
We're still about 2-3 weeks away from blooming daffodils.

Roxi H said...

thanks for the fabulous ideas! I'm off to buy a frog.

dawn said...

How sweet this is, love all the yellow. So nice to meet your mom again, she has great ideas!! How spring this looks. Now if only we could get this snow to go away and stay away so the flowers can grow.

Leah said...

Love these ideas - I use empty jars and bottles, but now I want to dip some of them in paint & add beads to the top - so pretty!

Lynette (NZ) said...

Lovely ideas. Happy Easter and Spring to you - from NZ where we are clinging to the end of summer ;-)

Beata said...

Great ideas! I guess your home looks really pretty with all these beautiful flowers!

stefanie stark said...

Wonderful pictures! Awesome ideas! My favourite is the bottle with the yellow bottom and the goblet with pebbles! Happy Easter to all of you!

fran pascazio said...

Amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing this spring goodness...

Suman Pandit said...

Hi Alisa, I have joined your blog as a new member but I have been following you blog for so long. I love your approach to life…the vibrant colors all over your blog and the zest to share and teach your art and skills. You may not really know the impact you are making and the number of followers does not reflect it fully.
I have just started dabbling in crafts as I also got the quilling bug recently. I craft for my son's school projects and do mainly recycled/altered projects. I would be so happy if you visit my page :)
Love you and best wishes from INDIA

Ella said...

Gorgeous! I love to make small bouquets~ Your Mom rocks ;D

Sara said...

Dear Alisa's Mom, Oh what a talented lady you are. Thank you so much for sharing all those good flower arranging ideas. You sure brighetened my day here in what is still cold Indiana weather.

Jasmine Inc said...

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