Friday, March 22, 2013

fashion friday- my outdoor uniform

We spend a lot of time outdoors and that means having clothing that works for a variety of locations and weather conditions. I have come up with a sort of uniform for myself that comes in handy for all kinds of outings!
A baseball hat or a stocking cap is a must! It gets windy and rains at any moment so I make sure I have a hat on hand. 

A warm vest is my staple item. It keeps me warm enough when layered over the top of a sweater on most days and is easy to wear under a jacket when it rains or gets cold. 

I wear sweaters year round here on the coast. They are easy to layer and a fun way to add stripes or pattern to an outfit.

I love skinny jeans, they are comfortable (stretchy) and easy to tuck into boots.

I cannot live without rubber boots. We are always hiking around on the beach and they make it easy to walk through tide pools and small streams. I have slowly acquired a nice little collection of rubber boots in a variety of colors and styles!


Rhiannon said...

The vest idea is great! I always find a coat too heavy and impractical. Being outside more often than not means moving, walking, hiking or running so you need to be able to cool off (even in cooler weather). Love it Alisa :)

stefanie stark said...

How wonderful is the second last photo where you have cute little Lucy on your shoulders! I love it! It is more than 27 years ago when I had my son on my shoulders like on that photo - oh sweet memory!
Have a nice weekend! I will do a few more whimsical exercises in your online class!

Anonymous said...

fun post. For me an Oregonian now living out of state, the best photo was the last with Haystack in the background!

Cindi Myers said...

ok, I have to comment. I've been silently Following you but I have to say this.
I'm a dog/cat person. Not much of a kid person at all...
That being said, you have the cutest little kid ever. I mean, absolutely Adorable.
yep, Capital A
ok, now I'll be quiet again.

wahyud said...

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Jan said...

the first picture of you two walking on the beach with that huge rock behind you is OMG there are no words!


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