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screen printed fabric

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Recently the new Tulip ScreenIt arrived on my doorstep for me to try out and let me tell you I was thrilled! I have worked with just about every different form of screen printing and I knew that like all of the other products from iLoveToCreate - this one would be fabulous!! I got busy creating my own screen printed fabric!
The ScreenIt is a really simple and easy to use, all in one DIY screen printing system- where you can burn your own screens. The printing system comes with-

1 Tube of Tulip® Soft® Fabric Paint

1 Squeegee

1 Dark room light bulb

2 Machine light bulb

Detailed instructions

And the best part (in my opinion) is that you can use all of the Tulip Soft fabric paints with your screens!

At this point I have to preface the rest of this tutorial with the fact the I rarely use screen printing the way that it is intended to be used- big shocker I know! So if you are expecting a straight forward perfect tutorial of how to screen print a fresh clean design- you won't find it here not that there is anything wrong with fresh and clean- its just not my style! Instead I like to use the screen printing process as more of a way to create pattern on fabric and a way to add layers to mixed media projects. You can read more about my process in my book Sew Wild or see it in action in my online class Beneath the Surface.

The first thing I did was create a page full of simple drawings to burn onto a screen. This is where I am a little different in my process- I like to fill my screens with a variety of designs (more bang for your buck when working with emulsion screens). Instead of placing just one image in the center of the screen I like to fill the screen with different images and designs and then use those designs in different projects. WARNING- if you are looking for a really clean way to screen print- like on t-shirts-this is not the way to go- instead place your image in the middle of the screen.

Picture 1
After burning my drawings onto the screen (it only took 15 minutes!) I then cut my screen up- yes you read correct- I cut around the different designs on the screen and then start printing with all of my little pieces of screens.

I use my little pieces of screen prints to create layers of pattern on fabric (clothing, paper, canvas, etc). Keep in mind that I am going for more of a messy look so I tend to embrace imperfections that I get from this process (including the edges of the screen getting printed on the surface).


I covered a good amount of my surface with a layer of flowers- much quicker and easier than painting or drawing flowers on my surface!

After the first layer of flowers was dry- I added another design - paisleys- with another color. (This time I used a piece of the screen that had a couple of designs on it and I simply taped off the designs that I didn't want printed)

Picture 2
I continued to add more layers of designs in different colors- letting each layer dry in between.

For the last layer I added a bird here and there on the surface in black so it would pop!

The result is a unique, colorful and one of a kind piece of fabric to use in a variety of projects!

For more information and some really great videos on the Tulip ScreenIt visit here



mie said...

Hoi Alisa,

are you also familiar with screen printing systems on paper? Have you tips for which one I buy best?

Thanks a lot!


Unknown said...

What is the difference between screen printing and just using stamps on the fabric?

Christi Lynn said...

how flippin cool!!! I would die if i had a machine like that. how fun!

Emy said...

Fabulous gadget. I loved screen printing at art college, but never imagined having kit at home to do it. Thanks for sharing xx

HollyM said...

I like your imperfect method. The printed fabric is pretty. I wonder what creative thing you will do with it?!

Stephanie said...

wow! a new item for my wish list

Unknown said...

Last time I ever did screen printing was in school 8 years ago. I didn't even know something like this even existed! Thanks for posting this.

Love and Whimsy

Introverted Art said...

Alisa, I absolutely love this.

Lisa Chin said...

This looks great. Do you buy pretreated screens or paint a solution onto the screens?

becky said...

I've been looking for an easy way to screen print. I checked the site and the screens are about $20 each. I liked the way you cut yours up. I wonder if I could get a fairly clean print ... say one word ... on a napkin with a half sheet ... directly on the material like you ... carefully taping off edges and perhaps using the repositionable spray adhesive? I would like to use your method and be able to do precise small prints ... and conserve the screen by cutting if possible.

Ps...I simply adore your work.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Oooo I always love the way you do things! SO relaxed and creative! Thank you for sharing this supply kit and your way of using it. I may just have to pick one of those kits up!

Becky Voth said...

I kinda wondered the same thing as Caroline - what's the difference really between this & stamping; other than possibly getting more than one design on at a time...I also like that you embrace the boo-boos! I am trying my darnedest to be like you in that respect! TFS! :D

Lalav said...

Me too, I've watched the Screen it videos and it's not really clear to me what the difference is between screen-printing and stenciling?
I hope you'll enlighten us ;)


Cassie Shella said...

I absolutely love this! I have never been too interested in screen printing only because I have thought of it as something you do to make home decor or clothing. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to give it a try:)

Anonymous said...

For those who asked what the difference between screen-printing and stenciling or stamping is . . . it seems to me that the main difference is that Tulip figured it could get free publicity by sending their screen-printing product to an artist to promote it on her website. That's the way the internet works, boys and girls, and it saddens me when I see artists sell out in this way. Sorry to be so harsh, and there will be many who disagree, but that's how I see it.

Alisa Burke said...

To those inquiring about the difference between a stamp and silkscreen- they are both a form of surface design and both great ways to get a print onto fabric but with a silkscreen you are able to burn just about anything onto a silkscreen in a short amount of time- while with a stamp you would have to carve the material.

Alisa Burke said...

To the comment regarding Tulip and myself selling out to promote products- please note- I am a member of the blogging team at iLovetoCreate and have been for the last two years. If you had been reading my blog you would know that I announced this partnership and would also notice that once a month I blog about a product or favorite supply from iLovetoCreate- each labeled as " An iLovetoCreate Exclusive by Alisa Burke".

Two years ago I approached them for this opportunity because I was using and promoting their products already! I turn down numerous requests to promote all kinds of products because I believe in only share things that I actually use in my own work and products that I LOVE.

I work incredible hard at coming up with all kinds of unique inspiration, techniques and tutorials to share on my site and I have a lot of PRIDE in the things that I put out there SO a comment like this is disappointing to me. If "Anonymous" would like me to address this topic even further- you can email me at alisaburke@gmail.com

Debra Kapellakis said...

My eyes didn't see imperfections, I saw beauty that got better at the end. BRAVO! WOW! That turned out brilliantly!

waikiki family vacation said...

OMG! it's so beautiful, so perfectly designed. I love it! I love those beautiful different colors.

screenprinting said...

"After burning my drawings onto the screen (it only took 15 minutes!) I then cut my screen up- yes you read correct- I cut around the different designs on the screen and then start printing with all of my little pieces of screens" this sounds like it truly needs an effort. However, everything is all worth it after seeing the result.

Sarah Edward said...

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