Tuesday, November 15, 2011

chunky shimmer bangles

I love accessories and I am always looking for new ways to create my own bling.

Recently I decided to use Tulips Fashion Glitter Shimmer Paint to create some chunky shimmer bangles.

The shimmer paint is a really cool product because its all glitter but no mess!! Great for transforming fabric into something a little fancy.

I used gold shimmer paint

and painted a nice thick layer onto the surface of scrap fabric.

I wanted a little bit of texture so I used a stamp and some copper acrylic paint and stamped into the wet surface of the fabric.

The result is a very subtle imprint of the stamps that adds a little texture to the surface.


Now, for the next step your could use wooden bangles, plastic bangles or really anything that will fit around your wrist but I like to use craft foam because it is a little stretchy and very light to create a big chunky bangle.

I used craft foam pencil holders- they can be found at just about any craft store in the kids aisle near the craft foam.

I cut sections of the foam to create the bangle.


After my shimmer fabric was dry I cut out strips

and using hot glue I wrapped and glued them to the craft foam bangle.

Once the entire bangle was wrapped I could't resist adding some little details and embellishments with Tulip Beads in a Bottle.

The result is chunky and funky bangles!




Very smart..so Beautiful..Thanks for sharing the tutorial..

Dianne said...

These are wonderful! Love the paint treatment on the fabric... and so versitile!

wdmk said...

OMG?! This is a great idea! Thanks!!!!!!

★nasli_ said...

Ohh very nice idea :)
You have a wonderful blog!Your shares are very good ! Congrats for your blog..
i following you now ;) see u later

Rose Clearfield said...

Awesome tutorial! So simple and fun. I love that the glitter glue doesn't leave a mess and that you can embellish these any way that you like.

mauihumv@gmail.com said...

Wow, so creative and so pretty:)

Eschelle Westwood Mumfection said...

great job those are so cute!

Marty Mason said...

Just exactly what I needed to know....and in time for the holidays.....thanks!

Sarah Bell Smith said...

Such a great idea. Who would have thought there was another use for pool noodles. (thats what we call them here anyway).

1129design said...

awesome, thank you for sharing!!!

KathyH said...

These are beautiful! I love to make bangles, but plain wooden ones are a bit expensive. The craft foam tube is a great idea. Also thank you for introducing me to the Tulip Bead Paint..great product.

Cecilia's Designs said...

Congratulations for your blog I find very interesting and very well explained tutorials.Greetings from Spain. Cecilia

Cecilia's Designs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Love the idea of using the craft foam tube for the bangles - I hate bracelets that make a ton of noise, and since I work at the computer all day, hard things around my wrist make it difficult to type!



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