Monday, September 06, 2010

a moment of escape

Friends, things have been insane over here! I have been working towards a looming deadline for my book- 1 week left! I am not sure I have worked this hard - EVER- we are talking around the clock kind of work. This insane schedule has coincided with my wedding anniversary and this weekend my husband not only surprised me with a brand new bike (something I have been talking about for months) but he also convinced me to steal away with him for a leisurly afternoon spent eating and strolling around our favorite marina. Oh how wonderful it was to forget about deadlines, to celebrate six years of marriage, reflecting on memories, enjoying good food, watching boats sail in and out, dreaming up stories of where we would sail and what we would name our boat, and just finding escape for a moment in time.















Faiza said...

wishing you a happy anniversary!

Sally Lynn MacDonald said...

Good for you. I'm glad you had an escape. Your hair looks adorable by the way! When you finally come up for air, will you send the links from our Larger Than Life class? I want to keep rolling on this paint thang. :)

Wendy said...

ohhh you guys are just so cute! How romantic, to ride bikes along a marina.
No creative genuis can go long without rest and inspiration. Looks like you got some of both on your litte "day vacation."
Happy Anniversary!!

Bee said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like a wonderful escape!! Love the new bike!

Laura said...

So, greetings for your anniversary!
I've been reading your blog for a while and it is like a freash air puff in my life.

Jenny Stevning said...

So sweet. Happy Anniversary.

Karen said...

You guys take the BEST pics...thanks!

Jane LaFazio said...

Happy Anniversary dear Alisa and Andy!!!

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! How great that your man convinced you to take an afternoon and chill. Your photos of the day are stunning. I love the new wheels.
You are beautiful, Alisa, inside and out.

De Leon Signs said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm happy that you were able to escape with your husband for a while. Beautiful photography as always! I'm a sign maker so I really appreciate the old boat names!

Julie Johnson said...

Happy Anniversary! What a sweet gift. Glad you were able to enjoy your special day!

Jill said...

Maybe late--but Happy Anniversary! These are such neat photos.


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