Tuesday, September 14, 2010

grilled cheese with roasted green chiles

There is just nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich, except a grilled cheese with roasted green chiles! A while back I had a version of this sandwich at a restaurant and was immediately in love. I knew right away I would be adapting it at home.

Start with 1-2 green chiles (enough for 1 sandwich)
Green chiles are mild but have a nice flavor.

Slice up the chiles.

Cook the chiles in a little olive oil, garlic and a pinch of salt on low heat.
Cook for about 10-15 minutes or until they are cooked down and until the skin is blistered.

Prepare the bread- I like a good french bread or even sourdough bread.

Instead of butter, I like to brush olive oil on the bread.

Add your favorite cheese.

Do your best to peel the skin from the chiles- if not thats ok- it will still be yummy.
Add the chiles to the sandwich.

Place the sandwich on a grill or in a pan (with just a little olive oil).

Cook until the bread is crispy and the cheese is melted.

Slice up and serve.

I like mine sliced into four

and with a green salad.



Alissa said...

Oh. My. My mom used to make a cheddar quiche with green chilis and my sister and I would DEVOUR it. I have no doubt that this cheese and chilis combo would be just as delicious!

Herm said...

I will try it with the green chiles for my DH!

Saraswati said...

Hello Alisa,

there are more comments in your blog about food these days than about art. I don't mind but have you ever thought about an Alisa Burke cookbook? I mean you could even do the photos yourself, they are gorgeous. And the recipes are tested already.
I'd buy it.

OrangeFarmhouse / www.moodkids.nl said...

mmmm, love 'tosti's' going to try this one later this day

laurie said...

this looks delicious! i will be stopping by the store on my way home from work today so i can have one for dinner. thanks for sharing.

britt said...

that looks great and is making me so hungry.

Lori P said...

Oh good gosh, that looks delicious! I haven't had breakfast yet. Guess I could have a grilled cheese for breakfast?

Carlotta said...

Yum! Cheese sandwiches are a staple around here. The whole roasted technique always intimidates me, so I'm glad you had a picture and let us know that if some of the skin doesn't come off that it still tastes good. I'll definitely be doing this one. Thanks for sharing.

bonnie said...

I can taste it! You are right about the good old grilled cheese. I will try this gourmet version at home...thanks!

ABCcreativity said...

this made my mouth water :)

Kim @The Little Things said...

Oh my, that looks so delicious! My husband is of the belief that soup is not a meal (crazy if you ask me) so I am always looking for yummy sandwich ideas to make along with soup. This would be fantastic with some tortilla soup!

Kristy said...

YUM! Grilled cheese is delicious and the green chilis sound like a great addition. I will be trying this.

House of Mouse said...

We just roasted 22 pounds of Anaheim (green) chilis...we love them in all kinds of things. But I have never tried it on a grilled cheese sandwich...just called the hubby and that is what we are having for dinner! thanks.

Anett in Oregon

Unknown said...

MMmmmmm.....looks good!!!

Home and Heart said...

What a yummy idea! These are also DELISH added to a cheese omelette!!

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

I'm on a "chili roll" right now, too. Just purchased a huge amount of Hatch chilies. Yum! The grilled cheese with chilies looks fab.
Would you consider being a guest-blogger on Jamie and my cooking blog? "Artists Cooking With Gas".
Ha ha!

Samantha Ashby said...

I enjoy reading your blog, it's so creative and inspiring. Green chiles are a staple where I live in NM. Here's an easy tip, roast them on top of a gas burner on the stove until they are charred. Then place them in a plastic bag (a grocery bag is fine) and tie the bag. Leave it alone for 10 min or so and then the skins will come right off. You can also freeze them at this point & pull them out as you need them.

Linda said...

We are moving to New Mexico this weekend (I should be finishing my packing right now) and the first to do on the list is to go to the grocery store and stock up in green chili. we love the stuff.

Your sandwich looks absolutely yummy.

Jill said...

Yum. About a year ago, my sister in law introduced me to miracle whip in my grilled cheese. Wow. Now, I'm going to add green chilis too. However, I'll probably pull mine from a can...

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urban wear said...

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