Sunday, September 19, 2010

another online class sale!

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Happy Monday friends! This coupon means that another two online classes have been successfully moved over from Ning to a private blog where you can continue to have unlimited access. I am celebrating again with a SALE!

Thats right $10 off Graffiti Chic Part II and $10 off Recycling Remix!
$40 per class

Sale runs Monday, Sept. 20th- Tuesday, Sept. 28th

Stay tuned for more classes going live and more sales to celebrate in the next few weeks!



If you enjoyed Graffiti Chic you are going to LOVE part two!
We are going BIGGER, MESSIER and more WILD!

Building on the lessons from part one we will take graffiti to the next level- tagging (your own property), creating graffiti inspired fashion, working really large, getting more creative with images and lettering and much MORE! This class will continue to inspire you to think and work outside the box.

Graffiti Chic part one is not required to take this class, in fact if you are looking for inspiration to paint large and on alternative surface this class is for you!



Change the way you think about everyday materials! Techniques, projects, ideas to incorporate a green approach and all kinds of ways to make art on a budget. For those who know me, will know that I am OBSESSED with finding new ways to redefine and use everyday materials- I strongly believe that learning to recycle and create on on a budget is a way to show respect in the art that we make.This class will introduce you to all kinds of creative and nontraditional (and I mean nontraditional!) ways to use everyday materials, how to transform trash and things that normally get tossed (junk mail, cereal boxes, used envelopes, paper, old clothes and so much more), you will learn how to spend little to no money on supplies, inspiration in art history and lots more Everything that you learn can be applied to mixed media, fabric, paper, scrapbooking projects- regardless of the medium you work in you will be INSPIRED!

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