Tuesday, January 20, 2015

kid's art journal

Something I get asked all the time is what do we do with all of that art that Lucy makes. Let me first say that I've kept everything that she has drawn and painted. Her art is precious to me, just as precious as photos because it is a history of her growth and all those little stages she has gone through (scribbling, dots, lines, circles, color choices, faces, etc). As an artist, it has been amazing- like one of the most amazing things I've ever seen- to watch creativity develop in a tiny person and I cherish each and every scribble. With that said, we have three years worth of art organized in files and boxes. One of the most important things that I do is scan or photograph a lot of that art so that I also have a digital copy but lately I have been sorting her art and binding it into books or art journals.

These bound journals have been a great way to begin organizing all that art and keeping track of Lucy's creative history and development. Over the holidays we created a huge journal from Lucy's art as a gift for my parents. They are the most difficult people to shop for so this collection of art was the perfect gift.

The best part of this project was getting Lucy involved in selecting art and making art for the book. Together we spent weeks digging through boxes of her art, picking out favorites and even making new art. 
We included art from all her creative stages.
I added photos here and there but I didn't want this to be a photo album or scrapbook so I kept most pages simple with one photo and the rest art and threw in a few spreads full of photos.

The result is a beautiful art journal with over 40 pages of Lucy's art. Needless to say, it was a HUGE hit. 

Something about collecting and binding all that art makes everything feel and look so much more special and it is really fun to flip through all those colorful pages and see her growth. 

Speaking of art journals, I've got another batch in the shop HERE and a couple of those journals are really large (11 x 14), have 40 pages and doodles all over the front and back.


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