Tuesday, October 21, 2014

dollhouse cabinet

Lucy has a growing collection of Calico Critters (teeny tiny little animal characters) and we desperately needed a storage solution that could accommodate all her little animals and the accessories that come with them. While I would love to create a traditional dollhouse, we just don't have any more floor space at this point. So Andy I came up with the idea to create a cabinet that hangs on the wall but has the look and feel of a dollhouse.
Andy used poplar hobby wood from Home Depot to create a simple cabinet in the shape of a house. He added a door with a knob and used a magnetic latch so the door would withstand toddler play.

Once the cabinet was done, it was my turn to paint!

I went back and forth about what to do- my first inclination was to completely cover it with all kinds of detail. But after giving it some thought, I actually decided to keep the outside simple and just add simple little details on the inside. I figured that we can add details, paint over it or change it up over time. 

Once it was done, we hung it (and secured it) to the wall and Lucy filled it with her critters.

The cabinet is a BIG hit and such a great alternative for storage!


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