Friday, October 31, 2014

a happy and creative halloween

We really don't celebrate or do much for Halloween but it is becoming a tradition to have some fun here on the blog! (see last year HERE and the years before here, here and here). I'd been tossing around a fun bird themed idea for a while- I wanted to create a giant set of canvas wings with pattern but honestly I really wasn't up for sewing anything instead I went with what I know best- painting on the wall!

Large painted wings are nothing new, in fact they are a reoccurring theme in graffiti and street art but I thought it would be fun to put my own twist (black and white graphic pattern) on a set of wings that we could use as a backdrop for Halloween photos!

I created some simple bird themed masks from card stock and then we had fun with a photoshoot!

This was such a fun and easy little project and a wonderful way to play a little creative make believe! To see more posts on what I like to call "creative make believe" head on over HERE

Head on back to the blog tomorrow because I am sharing my process of painting the wings and sharing some tips for painting a wall!


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