Monday, May 26, 2014

lamp revamp

I love that with a little paint you can pretty much transform anything. Recently I decide to give one our pole lamps a big bold, colorful makeover!
I purchased a wood pole lamp from Target a couple of years ago and to be honest, it was  a little bit boring for my taste but I loved the shape. So with a little paint I decided to transform the lamp and combine my two favorite things- stripes and floral print.

I started by painting the lampshade. I wanted big bold and expressive flowers so I added color quickly with different sized paint brushes.

Then I added simple details over the top of my color. Again, I wanted the floral design to be expressive so I only added enough details (dots and lines) to create the "feel" of flowers.

Last, I painted black and white stripes on the pole.

The result is a really fun and whimsical lamp that is more my style!


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