Monday, March 31, 2014

moveable walls

My creative business is growing and evolving which means my creative space has been overdue for some changes. My dream for the studio has always been to somehow divide up the space so I could have a few different areas for different projects and creative tasks. And since we are always up for a DIY project around here (and because I am married to a talented retired structural engineer), I was finally able to transform my space.
We had all kinds of ideas of how to divide up the space but what we decided on was creating moveable walls. I've worked in galleries and loved the idea of what you often find in a gallery- a hollow wall that can be painted, moved and changed depending on the exhibit or creative project. 

Andy got busy designing the walls- the most important thing for us was creating walls that were light weight (so I could move them around) but still be stable enough for everyday use. I won't go into all of the project details but above are the plans that Andy sketched up for himself.

 After the walls were made I went to town painting them!

With front and back I have a total four walls and I painted one of those walls black.

The black wall will double as place to paint (I prefer to paint on unstretched canvas stapled up on a wall (its better on my back). I will also be using the black wall as a photography background. I have been using more and more dark backgrounds for my photos so a black wall makes sense for me.

The other three walls I painted white. One of them will be used as a "statement wall" that I can paint murals, pattern and backdrops for online classes and photo shoots. My plan is have this wall change with different projects. I painted a flower wall that I will be using as backdrop for some spring projects that I have coming up.

I even painted the edges of the walls for a little bit of extra flair!

The other two walls I kept white (for now). I desperately need a blank space (other than our home) to stage, style and photograph all kinds of art, class material, tutorials and DIY projects. Right now both of these walls face windows where there is wonderful natural light and I plan on utilizing this light for different photography and filming projects.

Because the walls are light and I am able to move them around into different configurations.  

We can even turn them into a closed off little room that could be used for privacy when Andy and I are working on projects at the same time.

And because I also teach classes in my studio I will be able to set set things up in different confirgurations depending on the class size and subject matter.

While this project was exhausting (we tackled it all- construction and painting- in about 3.5 days) I am crazy excited about all the ways I will make use of these moveable walls!


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