Friday, March 07, 2014

fashion friday- perler bead jewelry

Recently I purchased a bucket of Perler Beads and what started as fun sorting activity for Lucy, turned into inspiration for my own project! 

If you are not familiar with Perler Beads they are colorful beads that can be fused together with heat (an iron) to create all kinds of fun things. After doing some playing and experimenting I came up a with fun way to put my own twist on the materials.

I started by selecting my colors. Using a peg board I arranged my beads.

Next, I used the iron to fuse my beads together. I applied heat longer than directed so the beads would melt together and the surface would be smooth enough to draw on. 
(Typically Perler Bead projects have the holes in the beads visible. I wanted my surface smooth and the extra time under the iron helped to melt the colors together)

The last step was to add doodled embellishments to the surface. I used an oil based white Sharpie pen (which is permanent on just about any surface). 

Then I turned them into jewelry!

I love that with a little creativity, materials for kids can transformed into something unique!


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