Thursday, December 12, 2013

holiday photos- the real story

3 mile hike into the woods
1 husband with a migrane
1 toddler insisting on hiking all by herself
1 mama on a serious mission to get a good holiday photo
300 timer photos
297 bad photos- 3 great ones
4 toddler episodes (as in falling on the ground and refusing to get up)
3 arguments with the husband (mostly about how bossy I am)
1 hole in pants from climbing a log
1 boot stuck in the mud
1 new white sweater covered in mud

making memories with my family- priceless!

Tip: if you are taking your own photos try using a couple of cameras to capture different moments! We use our DSLR camera and our iphones to get all kinds of angles and capture fun (and not so fun) moments!


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