Tuesday, December 03, 2013

a free little class for you!

It's only two days into December and I am TOTALLY burned out on shopping, sales, coupons, marketing, promotion and CONSUMERISM (and I am saying this as a small business owner who depends on consumerism). Over the weekend I had a lot of time to reflect on how I could break from the tradition of buying and selling and instead, give back to all of you! What I came up with is a free little online class called Holiday Play that I put together to get you inspired this holiday season.

 With a collection of over 25 online classes, I have a library full of lessons, videos, photos, inspiration, techniques and ideas that I have used to create Holiday Play. This class is a mash up of all my favorite lessons pulled from a variety of my online classes over the years (Watercolor Bliss, SnapShot Delight, Creative Cuisine, Create Daily and more). The class includes 20 posts and the concept is that you have 1 post a day (an idea, a project, a technique) to work through or get inspired by for twenty days or as long as you want to come and go. My hope is to provide a little added inspiration and creativity to your holidays!

You can visit the class at 

Make sure to bookmark this address so you can come and go!


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