Friday, May 17, 2013

fashion friday- DIY ombre hair

Let me first start by saying that I don't think "DIY" and hair belong in the same sentence but this was so darn easy 
I just couldn't resist sharing.

I've been growing my hair out for the last 4 years and FINALLY it's long enough (well, almost- it could probably be 
a little longer) for ombre highlights. Ombre highlights are when your hair graduates to a lighter color at the ends. 
Its a little dramatic and I've found you either love it or hate it- I love it! I think it has a nice boho/summer vibe. 

Feria makes a product called Wild Ombre and since I'd rather spent money on plants for our garden (than a trip 
to the salon) I decided to give it a try. *Word of warning- coloring your hair at home always has the potential to 
go wrong. Make sure you do a strand test before jumping in! 

My hair is dark brown and typically turns a nice auburn/red if I spent time in the sun. I wanted my ombre more 
red (than blond) and less dramatic than the color on the box so I left the color in for the minimum amount of 
time (25 min) to achieve reddish color. 
I love the way that it turned out- its perfect for my wavy (messy) hair and will be fun for summer!


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