Friday, March 01, 2013

fashion friday- back necklace

The Oscars aired last weekend and I could care less about the movies- I watch for the fashion! And something I noticed that is trending lately and appeared on the red carpet are back necklaces- yes you read that right- back necklaces! During the airing of the award show, me and my house full of family had a good laugh about how silly a back necklace seemed but then I got to thinking about it... who says you have to wear a necklace in the front? And after doing some searching I found this trend kind growing on me. I don't have any place to wear a back necklace but I kind of think they are pretty. What do you think about this trend- silly or pretty?

1. from the cools 2. via ulrikke lund 3. via fashion for fashion 4. from jg accessories


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