Wednesday, October 10, 2012

seeking adventure

When we decided to start a family we had no idea what to expect but we knew we wanted (and needed) our lives to grow and change- we needed life to be turned upside down. Since Lucy's arrival, the experience of becoming parents has been one of the most profound and powerful adventures for both of us. And when we set out to create a new life in Oregon, to simplify and to "leave it all behind" (so that we could provide a better life for our little family), we had no idea the twists and turns that this journey would present along the way. At times we have struggled with the transition, we have experienced growing pains in our marriage and we have been overwhelmed by being first time parents. We got what we wished for- our lives have been turned upside down in the most uncomfortable yet FABULOUS of ways. Now as we settle into this new chapter, we have started to redefine ourselves as individuals, as partners and as parents. 

Friday is Lucy's birthday and we have been very reflective around here about all that has happened in our first year with her and we decided we wanted to kick off her birth week by doing something special to celebrate our journey becoming a family. We also wanted kick off a brand new chapter together by doing something unique that would represent the kind of theme we want to set for our family as we move forward...ADVENTURE!

So yesterday we packed up the car and drove 2 hours for a hike that is known for being unique, challenging and incredibly breathtaking. The Oneonta Gorge hike is not accessible by trail, the creek IS the trail! We scrambled and hiked over a log jam, walked through the icy cold creek, below towering mossy walls of rock and made our way to the waterfall. I've been lots of places but this may be one of the most magical and inspiring places I have ever been. 


It was here that we celebrated Lucy and our first year as parents and made a promise to each other that we will move forward as a family with joy and wonder filled days, we will look for magic, beauty and inspiration in the world around us and we will continue to always seek out adventure.


photo 3 (1) copy
Since we were packing Lucy we couldn't make it through the last few yards together (through a deep pool) so we had to take turns and go separately to the falls. Andy took the hardcore way....


I took the not so hardcore way!

photo 2
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