Wednesday, May 02, 2012

a peek inside my sketchbook- illustrations for lucy

Since Lucy arrived I have managed to make my life as an artist a priority- its been a challenge but oh so necessary (read more about it here). And while I have not once struggled with lack of inspiration or ideas (this was one of my early fears) it has been interesting to see how the inspiration and ideas have evolved in just a short amount of time. I still have my "go to" stuff that I love to draw, paint and create but now I have a whole new world to explore though art. Lately much of the subject matter in my daily sketching routine is influenced and dedicated my Lucy. I've been working through using my imagination to illustrate the silly little stories and things that I tell her about throughout the day. My goal has been put them all in a book for her to look through- over and over again. It has been wonderful (and unexpected) to explore this new dimension that having a child has brought to my life and I can't wait to see how being a mom continues to influence my creativity!



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