Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bad Review- I Knew This Day Would Come!

So my book is officially out there-on Amazon, in stores, in homes....yikes!! And in this whole process the thing I have been dreading is people "not getting it" and bad reviews. Well is it official...I got my first bad review on Amazon and to my horror they even returned their book (who returns books??!?!) And though I have promised myself not be bothered and in all honesty I am not shattered-as a long time painter I am TOTALLY used to criticism (oh the stories I could tell!!!)... I know not everyone is going to get it but I feel that I have to put it out there for the record...for anyone wondering...Canvas Remix IS an introduction for those who have never worked with canvas and paint- it is also is meant to jump start the imagination, to think outside of the box and start thinking of a canvas painting (or any materials for that matter) being more than just something to hang on the wall....the concept to tear up and deconstruct paintings and turn them into something new is completely unique and I challenge crafters to find inspiration in simple materials and start thinking outside the box and beyond the projects and techniques they find in books.


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