Monday, July 16, 2018

embellished slides

When it come to summer, I pretty much wear slides all the time! They are comfy and so easy to slip on and off. And while I love a simple pair of shoes, I also LOVE embellishing my shoes with drawings (obviously)! And this summer I couldn't resist transforming a pair of faux leather slide sandals into something unique!

For a project like this- something that will get a lot of wear, I like to use an oil based paint pen- my favorite is a Sharpie. In my experience, the oil based pens work really well on faux leather or plastic.

My goal was to cover the entire surface with a white flower pattern.

The result is a super creative pair of $12 shoes that are totally unique!


mb-RI said...

Those look beautiful!

SPINkA said...

so unique, so great idea, such a great pen :) wow!!

Maya Kuzman said...

My Gosh! They are gorgeous!
You could also sell these - so fast!

travel is fun said...

It is your colourful blog that brings me a lot of knowledge about living.


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