Tuesday, December 12, 2017

mixed media paper bows

It never fails, when I go to wrap a present, I realize that I don't have ribbon or bows. So over time, I've figured out some simple ways to create bows out of paper!
I have a lot of scrap paper with all kinds of mixed media layers and techniques on that paper. 
A simple bow is really easy to create with thick paper (like watercolor paper or cardstock.

Start with a strip of paper and fold each side into a loop.

Using hot glue, glue each edge down.

Add a smaller strip the the center.
The last step is to add two strips of paper glued to the back of the bow.

You can also create a variation of that simple bow by cutting your paper into a bow tie shape.

Next, fold each edge into the middle to create two loops and glue down.
Add a strip to the middle.

Add tails to the bottom to finish off the bow.

You can also create gift bows by cutting strips of paper- it helps to have those strips of paper the same width. I cut my strips around 3/4". 

I cut 5 strips, leaving 2 of those strips the original length (11 inches) and then I cut off about 1/2" from 2 of the strips and then 3/4" from 1 strip.

Next, twist each strip to form a loop at each end and glue in the center.

Layer the twisted strips on top of each other- the longest at the bottom and smaller at the top. Secure with glue as you layer.

These bows work best with lighter weight paper.


Stephanie said...

These are great! Thanks for the ideas.

Jan said...

your brilliant!!!!!! what a great idea.TFS

Megan said...

Awesome! These look great and are so unique.


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