Tuesday, December 05, 2017

9 simple watercolor gift tags

Why buy holiday gift tags when you can make your own!? Today I've got 9 crazy easy ways to create watercolor gift tags.
1. Paint simple watercolor flowers.
2. Splatter that paint all over those tags.
3. Start by covering the tag with clear water and then add simple shape to that wet surface.
4. Use a white crayon to scribble and draw and then paint over the top.
5. Paint simple plaid inspired designs.
6. Paint a simple tree.
7. Dip those tags into watercolor water.
8. Paint simple leaves.
9. Use expressive dots, dashes and brushstrokes to fill that tag.


Kepi said...

These are beautiful! Did you make the tags out of watercolor paper?

Dorlene Durham said...

Love these! I'm going to be making some gift wrap with my granddaughter this weekend and these will be perfect with it. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Bee Lady said...

I Love this idea! Thank you...I need some easy crafty ideas!


Megan E. said...

Great ideas! I've finished my wrapping this year, but I'd love to try this for other occasions in 2018.

Immi said...

Wonderful ideas - thank you!


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