Monday, December 18, 2017

mini tapestry ornaments

I love the boho look of fiber weavings but I still haven't learned to weave (someday I will!) but I enjoy creating tapestry inspired decor out of simple materials. This year it would be fun to create mini tapestry ornaments that have the look and feel of a weaving but are way less time and work! 

I used canvas but just about anything could be used for this project- fabric, leather, denim, even thick paper. I started by cutting small pieces of canvas.

Then I sketched out my design. I used simple shapes and pattern.
Next, I painted everything. Since the shapes and designs are simple, I used vibrant color to add some POP! 

I continued to add more layers of color and simple shapes.

And then finished then off with some tiny dots, lines and details.

Once the paint dried, I cut fringe into the bottom of the canvas. 

I used little twigs that I collected from the yard as the hanger.

And sewed those twigs to the top of the canvas. The last step was to add string hanger.
The result is fun little ornaments to hang on the tree or even use as a present topper!

1 comment:

Emerson said...

These are so precious! I definitely have to try making some, either for Christmas or just whenever!


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