Thursday, September 07, 2017

unicorn toast

My readers will know by now that I love simple, healthy and pretty food! My theory is that the more colorful and beautiful the food, the more you will enjoy it and be less tempted to eat Cheetos and Oreos for breakfast. Something we are loving around here (especially Lucy) is unicorn toast! This colorful trend was started by food stylist Adeline Waugh and basically it's pastel colored cream cheese slapped on some toast. And though it's simple, there is something that feels so special about eating colorful and whimsical food!

There are all kinds of ways that you can make colorful cream cheese but we like using natural ingredients like beet juice, pomegranate juice, blackberries, turmeric, spirulina powder, raspberry juice and more! You can also use natural food coloring if you don't have the time or patience to create your own.

Simply mix the natural coloring with cream cheese to get desired color.

Spread on your favorite bread.

I like taking it even further and add all kinds of toppings like fruit, granola, chia seeds, coconut, etc.
The result is colorful and delicious toast that is healthy (and a HUGE hit with the kiddos)!

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Mary W said...

So pretty and I want a slice - now! Another great pretty food is something I saw years ago on Carol Duval. Her guest the Potato Princess (can't remember her name)laid a deviled egg top side down onto a piece of bread and carefully cut around it. It is now ready to decorate with colored cream cheese. Hers were covered with flowers and stuff which looked like gorgeous mini cakes. Kids dove into them but were surprised to find a savory not sugary treat. Adults loved them. I've made them and they are a plate full of wonderful. Thanks for another healthy way to eat beautifully. (My way is to decorate the top of oatmeal with cookie sprinkles. My kids and now grandkids always eat this up.)


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