Monday, September 11, 2017

NEW! online classes

I've got a new round of online classes ready to this fall! I've also got early bird prices happening until Oct.1st. So get em cheap while you can!

begins Oct. 2nd
$15.00 EARLY BIRD $10.00
Register HERE
Monoprinting is a form of printmaking where lines or images can only be made once. I fell in love with the process back in college and it still remains one of my favorite ways to create! Join me for a fun little class where we will explore a variety of simple but unique ways to create monoprints. We will use additive and subtractive methods, collage, we will experiment with paint and inks, play with texture and make use of everyday materials and supplies to create on of a kind prints.

*Note- This is NOT a gelli plate printing class, while I will be touching on how to use a gelli plate, we will be using a variety of everyday supplies to print.

begins Oct. 16th
$15.00 EARLY BIRD $10.00
Register HERE
When working with paint, a palette knife can be a really fun alternative to using a paint brush! Typically a palette knife is used for mixing paint but it can also be used to apply paint. In this class we will be ditching those brushes and exploring all kinds of ways to use palette knives to swipe, scratch, drag, dot, mark, layer and spread that paint!

begins Nov. 6th
$15.00 EARLY BIRD $10.00
Register HERE
Pens are some of my favorite supplies to create with! They are cheap, easy to find, versatile  and there are so many different ways to put them to use! In this class I will be sharing some of my favorite ways to use pens to get creative- from drawing, mark making, using the ink to paint with- I will be sharing some of my favorite ways to hack those pens and push there potential!

begins Nov. 20th
$15.00 EARLY BIRD $10.00
Register HERE
When it comes to my creative process, I am always looking for fast and easy ways to add texture to my surfaces. Over time, I've discovered a variety of really creative techniques to add texture to my art. Join me for a messy little class where we will be dipping all kinds of strange things in paint to create surfaces filled with texture.

$50.00 EARLY BIRD $35.00
Register HERE

In addition to the new line up of classes I am also offering a bundle option. This bundle includes all four new classes. If you are interested in taking all four classes, this is the option for you!

Just a quick reminder that this is the last week to get in on the early bird price for my Petals and Paint Art Retreat in October! We have 3 spots left! More information HERE


Catherine said...

hello Alisa ! I would like to suscribe to your Monoprint magic class but Paypal answers me

We don't offer shipping to France.
(where I live, I should have said first)
it seems odd as I have already bought online classes in the past. Can you do something ? thanks a lot ! Catherine

Kristina said...

Yay, I'm in for the bundle! :) Thanks for great offer, Alisa! I love your classes!


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