Monday, January 04, 2016

simple homemade planner

I really depend on staying organized, I blog, I teach, I make art, I sell products, I am a busy mom and I am juggle lots of projects. As much as I love all the pretty planners out there, I really enjoy creating my own simple handmade calendar/planner for the year.

My personal planning process is all about keeping lists. This means my planner consists of a monthly calendar and lots of pages for lists- a to do list for each day, a to do list for the week, a list for blogging, a list for class content, etc. In addition to my lists, a lot of my planning process also includes visual brainstorming, doodling and drawing my ideas for classes and new products and blog content- which means I need lots of paper. 

I've found that a cheap composition notebook or even a sketchbook works great for making a homemade planner. There are a number of ways to alter a composition notebook! One of my favorite ways is painting right over the top and then adding your own art to the cover

I used a couple layers of white acrylic paint and once it was dry I used a sharpie to cover the surface with a flower pattern.

Then I added a little pop of color!

If you don't want to paint or draw, grab some pretty paper and use it to cover the front and back of the composition notebook. I actually created a set of pretty paper from my own drawings.

I create blank monthly calendars that I glue on the pages of my notebook.

I added tabs and then I get busy planning and list making!

With a little creativity, you have the ability to transform a cheap composition notebook into a personalized planner!

I've put together a little planner download with lots of 8 pretty paper designs, two sheets of stickers that can be printed on sticker paper and a blank calendar! It's over in the shop HERE for $10!

Want more inspiration to create your own planner? Check out my post from a couple years ago when I transformed a sketchbook into a planner HERE


Jaanika Malenšek said...

Wonderful! I was just about to buy a planner. Guess I will make it myself now. :) Thank you!

Natalie D. said...

You're amazing!!!

sumo said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I made my own planner this weekend too. I used a cheap binder and printable calendar pages. It was fun and a great way to use up pretty scrapbook paper. Love your ideas too!

Danielle Mack said...

This is exactly what I needed! Thanks for sharing this! Great idea!

Micheal David Bond said...

I needed this to make a bit earlier - I love this!!! but my planner is in use for the new year already in Dec.... Can you post as a project to do Thanksgiving weekend??

Tayla Naden said...

I've done something similar to this many times! I realized I was able to paint over composition books a few years ago and have used them for journals, planners, and list books ever since. I like the calendar insert you've done...

I've recently discovered bullet journaling and am currently trying to make it work for my right brain as well as the left... haha... Do you ever use bullet journaling in your planners?

Regina Collier said...

This could be your next class! I would take it!

sharon stanley said...

super cute and great idea...where would we be without those black and white composition books? i use them for everything, but this is a great idea i never thought of! you have the best ideas!!

Elizabeth said...

I love this idea!! Kind of had to do a face palm as I have spent lots of time looking for planners that suit my needs and not found one and then I forget about it and get absorbed in other projects. This year is about reaching- my word for the year- so I am going to take inspiration from you, dear girl, and do my own. I think I deserve it!!! On another subject I have a question for you! How do you get your line drawings doodles so very perfect. there are no screw ups or mistakes!! How do you accomplish that?? I am so impressed with the clean lines and carefree nature of your doodles. They are drawn with such precision and confidence.

Anonymous said...

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Claudia Novreica Sutrisno said...

It's such a nice idea. :)
Thank you for sharing. :D

Nikita Arora said...

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Barb said...

Great creative idea. Will give this a try.
Charlotte, NC

Brig said...

Just wonderful!!!! Someone said to me that I should make my own. I won one this year (via Bliss Inventive) but I will be doing my own from now on. Much more personal when you add your own bits and pieces. You're such an inspiration!!! What I want to know is how you do all this with a four year old in tow ... Especially for the fact that you'll be homeschooling! I can't wait for my little one to start kindy in less than a month so I can get started on myself again! I'd love to see your schedule for each day. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by how I can get everything done in the teeny bit of hours I have.

Stephanie said...

such an great inspiration!

fatima khan said...

Wowwwwww great piece of work I'm. Impressed

HRANDICA said...

Love your work. You've been a great inspiration with your creativity and will.

Mohit Chauhan said...

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Clemencia R said...

Your art work is amazing!!! how in the world do you find time to make your own planner being so busy like that, I am super busy too being a mom, a preschool teacher on weekdays, a hairdresser on some weekends, I would like to call myself an artist, and I don't find time to make much lately, how do you do it?

Clemencia R said...

Your art work is amazing!!! how in the world do you find time to make your own planner being so busy like that, I am super busy too being a mom, a preschool teacher on weekdays, a hairdresser on some weekends, I would like to call myself an artist, and I don't find time to make much lately, how do you do it?

Amit Yadav said...

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