Thursday, January 28, 2016

new pottery in the shop!

Ok you guys I have a fresh batch of pottery in the shop HERE and this batch is inspired by Valentine's Day (which I like to celebrate all year long). Instead of being thrown on the wheel these are slab bowls made by my mom and then glazed with pattern (with a tiny brush) by me and fired in our kiln. These little bowls are perfect for jewelry, loose change, little snacks or anything small.


Stephanie said...

These are beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

i really like the faces you draw. they look gentle and cute. do more of them!
love, doro K.

jabbott said...

Very nice!!!

studioGypsy said...

love. !!!

Unknown said...

Question: These are adorbs! Do you paint onto non-glazed bisque or are they glazed with a white first? Love!!! Thanks!

Alisa Burke said...

I am glazing onto bisqued pottery that my my parents make then we fire in the kiln again.

Parinita said...

tutorial for pottery plz i love them

Brig said...

Just beautiful ... As usual ... What's the hearts at the bottom of the page? Are they necklaces?

Amit Yadav said...

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