Thursday, December 17, 2015

storm after storm after storm

It rains a lot in Oregon but in the last few weeks we've had a crazy amount of back to back storms. Here on the coast that rain is paired with high tides and big swell. A few days ago we had a crazy day where the ocean was so huge it came right over the street- it was a sight to behold!


Creative Khadija said...

Wow.. You must be more careful dear :)

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

What a post!
Thank you for sharing.

Emie58 said...

I think some beach exploration after things settle down would be a perfect idea. You never know what will be churned up.

Jane said...

Wow incredible photos. Here in the south of the UK it's 17c and there are daffodils in full flower. .the weather seems to have forgotten that it's 8 sleeps til Christmas!

Moois van mie said...

waw ! I think it might be a bit scary while standing there but is is sooooo beautiful !

Anonymous said...

Ι love that you can capture the beauty in anything. Stay safe!

Brig said...

No surfing today then! And meanwhile in Australia (Sydney) they had a tornado. We never get that kind of thing here. I am soooo happy to say, we're having pleasant weather – between 28 and 30ºC. Gorgeous!!! Normally at this time of year it averages about 36 to 40º(almost 100ºF)

studioGypsy said...

wow! incredible, amazing, frightening, and beautiful... !! prayers, hugs and love and merry merry to yous!! xoxo

Virginia said...

Crikey, we are having crazy weather here too, it is unseasonably warm for December in Yorkshire and we seem to be having rain rain and a bit more rain, I could do with a cold crisp wintery day to go and have a proper walk and blow the cobwebs off but none appearing soon on the horizon according to the forecasters said...

You know, when I look on the photo, I have really controversial feelings. I feel like I am afraid of this strong storm and deadly waves, but on the other hand I admire its strength and beauty.

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