Thursday, December 03, 2015

shop update!

Ok I have a few more shop updates before the holidays arrive! 

I've got a a fresh batch of handmade art journals in the shop HERE
This time around I made 4 large art journals that measure 8.5 x 11" that have a hand drawn cover and back. I'm kinda in love with these!

I have a small batch of handmade canvas messy pouches HERE 

I added more scarves to the shop and they are still marked down to $10 you can see them all HERE.

I've also marked down my peace wristlets to $10!

I'm also finishing up a really big batch of bowls in a variety of sizes that will be hitting the shop next week so stay tuned for more handmade goodies!

glaze pottery from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.



So beautiful, Lovely products Alisa :)

Amanda Jo said...

Love it all!!! I'm totally checking out your shop right now!

Unknown said...

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karen said...

Beautiful ring bowls.. I am a potter and was wondering which glaze do you use for the bowls? It seems like a wash but I am interested because it does not look like you need to apply it 3 times like the underglazes that I use. And what is it cone is it fired at? Beautiful work. Thanks Karen


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