Tuesday, May 15, 2012

embellished summer hoodie

IMG_4687 copy

I love decorating and embellishing t-shirts and hoodies and recently I had the bright idea to embellish just the hood of a hoodie. A simply but fun way to add a little color and fun to a plane sweatshirt!

1. I started with a plain white sweatshirt. 2. Next I pulled out my Scribbles 3D Paint Pens- think puffy paint in a pen! (you know how I love puff paint) 3. Instead of directly applying the paint to the sweatshirt I used a printmaking inspired technique- Using a plastic bag, I applied the paint directly to the surface of the plastic bag (I drew a simple geometric design). 4. Then I pressed the plastic bag and the paint onto the surface my hood and pulled the bag away (this is a great way to keep the paint "less puffy" and at the same time get a good clean print of your design).

6. Then I started adding layers so I grabbed some of the Tulip 3D Paint and began printing more designs. (I wanted layers of funky and colorful geometric designs but you could create just about any type of design) 7. I added dots. 8. Triangles. 9. And layered things on top of each other.

I couldn't resist adding a few little triangles to the pocket just for fun.


The result is a bright and colorful embellished hoodie- perfect for a summer evening!

IMG_4698 copy


Unknown said...

Aww this is so awesome. And so you... x

Shraddha said...

wow!! totally awesome! wow wow wow!!! :)

martinealison said...

Très belle création... Je représente de temps en temps les produits Diams qui ont une gamme de peintures pour tissu... Vraiment formidable.
Gros bisous

Betsy said...

It's so hard to believe puffy paints are back!! I never saw that one coming. :) You've done a great job with the medium! And the embellishment on just the hood is a great idea. I'll have to try this out on my daughter's clothing. Thanks for sharing!

MetalFimo2 said...

i tuoi lavori sono molto originali ,brava passa da me www.metalfimo2.blogspot.com

Rose Clearfield said...

Love it!!

ЛОРА said...

Как здорово! просто супер!

astr!d said...

thats really cute! i really like the layers of patterns!! and how dare you not include that baby in every post?!?! i mean really, i need a daily dose of baby cute-ness!!! lol

TanyaMac said...

that is such a cute idea! might have a go at that :)

TanyaMac said...

p.s i love that pocket detail - perfect!

Unknown said...

You are very creative! I am always so afraid I will do something I don't like so I never do creative things like this to clothing.

Jane said...

Love how this turned out- and the idea of using this type of printing vs working directly on the fabric

tracy said...

So pretty! Love it!!

Zip hood sweatshirts said...

Lovely and awesome work.
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