Monday, April 16, 2012

geometric market tote

A gal can never have too many market totes and that is why I am always looking for new ways to create yet another tote that I can keep in the car for grocery shopping and farmer markets outings. Recently I was inspired to create a few simple market totes with a geometric theme- I am loving geometric prints lately!

I used Scribbles Fabric Stamp Pads (permanent, machine washable and nontoxic!) and VEGETABLES as my stamps! I cut shapes out of sweet potatoes and used baby carrots for polka dots.

step1 copy

step2 copy

IMG_4090 copy


Pleuntje said...

I read that your live is like a rollercoaster at the moment. Ik wish you luck with all the things you have/got to do. Greetings from the Netherlands, Petra

silly old suitcase said...

this is so beautiful, you are brilliant...
But how many market tote bags would you have to make to put in all of your tools and pretties from your studio?

good luck, succes!

projecantasi said...

Vegetables, suppper! :))

maite colomina said...

muy bonitas!!!

Megan said...

You are so creative! What a fun and great idea that even my daughter could help with!


Unknown said...

you are my rock star!

Christina said...

Beyond clever.

becky said...

I love your style soo much! I hope I can get into one of your classes in Irvine next month.

Rose Clearfield said...

They look great as always! I love geometric shapes, too.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Great way to dress up a plan tote! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I love making market totes too! I make mine with a large pocket on one side and that pocket is done in many different styles. One of my favorites is using fruits and vegetables as the printing block and keeping thier shape like mushroom or cutting the bottom off of celery for a almost flower. Apples & pears are sweet. Romaine lettuce bottoms are really cool. The market totes make really great gifts too. Diane


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