Friday, April 27, 2012

fashion friday- arrow necklace

Lately I am obsessed with the triangle and arrow trend out there so I decided to put my twist on it by making a easy necklace using simple materials!

1. I started with thick cardboard that I saved from a package and I cut it into an arrow shape. 2. Next I painted the surface with acrylic paint. 3. I added a shape to the middle with black paint- I was going for a southwest inspired vibe.

4. I added 2- 3 layers of Modge Podge to get nice shine and to seal everything. 5. Last I poked a hole in the top and added a jump ring and put it on a chain.


IMG_4405 copy


Valerie (all mussed up) said...

Alisa, I love this. Way to rock the tribal-boho look!

Unknown said...

there u go again - making something out of nothing!!!!

Rose Clearfield said...

How fun and so simple! Thanks for the tutorial.

obat stroke said...

I love your looks and your blog


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