Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beach Towel Tote Tutorial

I've got another beach towel project for you! When I purchased that fabulous zebra beach towel (for cheap) to transform into hand towels, I also bought a few more to create with! I knew that I wanted to come up with some colorful and fun tote bags for the beach and pool this summer!

Thanks to Target these towels were $2.50 and I selected a few different bright colors and patterns.

I started by cutting wide strips of towels.
fyi- cutting up towels can me messy! Don't wear your favorite block yoga pants unless you are ok with getting tons of towel fibers all over them!

I picked blues and greens to pair together and laid them out in the size that I wanted- a front and back for the tote- roughly 11" X 20".

I sewed the strips together.


I used an extra piece of towel for the lining

and for the strips that were sewn into handles.

I sewed the handles on and then sewed the sides and bottom together

The result is a SUPER cute and TOTALLY functional beach bag!



Since I can never make just one of anything I made another bag but for this one I used squares sewn together!




Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said...

Fantastic Alisa! I notice some great beach towels at Wal-mart too! Great project!

Theartistsnest said...

Can you say "A-DORE-ABLE!" You are SOOOO creative Alisa! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

Jaimie said...

Another fantastic post. : )

Createology said...

Super clever of you my dear. Thank you for sharing your talents.

Virginia said...

Gorgeous - not sure if we can get beach towels for that sort of price over here - but think I'll start looking now!

Marie-Aimée said...

many thanks !!! I love this project

whyducks said...

Love it, looking out for cheap towls now.

Lorraine said...

great idea now all we need is nice weather again

Carmen said...

Love these!

Unknown said...

This is great - at last a deep beach bag that can cope with rolled towels without them falling out of the top... well designed.

BTW- hope you don't mind but I'm holding a giveaway and I'd like to invite you and your readers to join in. I've just passed 100 posts and I'm offering one of my Pondlife + Plankton appliqued pencil rolls... it's over at


Emma x

Kelly Warren said...

those are totally awesome! what a great idea. :-)

melaniet42 said...

Totally awesome! I've been thinking about using our old bath towels and quilting a beach blanket with them - this works for towels too! Thanks for the great idea!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I love the deep bag! Thanks so much Alisa, I'll be linking.

Nelda Ream said...

How cute is that!

Julissa Mora said...

Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing :)

ThisKalilLife said...

What a great and useful idea. I am so going to try this!

Emily said...

These are so pretty!

Heather said...

I love it! I'm definitely trying this!

dana said...

What a fun idea! Craft just posted about using you beach towel tote and my beach towel dress together. how fun! Happy to find you :)
- dana

Laura Argelati said...

I love it!!
Now I follow this blog!
Laura from Italy http://chebirba.blogspot.com

chris said...

This is a great idea.Very stylish!

Leena Salleh said...

What a fantastic idea...alas...it is hard to find such bright coloured and prints such as yours here..mostly plain muted coloured or stripes

Anonymous said...

Very nice!
Thanks for putting this fun tutorial together.
I have featured it in a post I posted today about great gift tutorials for women and girls.
You can see it here....
...if you like.
I am looking forward to making a few of these!
Ally of harrysdesk.

Baumwollschmiede said...

FinaLLLLLy I know what to do with our big collection of beachtowels we gathered over the years. Thank you from Lake Constance, Germany... @lex

Unknown said...

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