Thursday, April 08, 2010

Where Women Create Book GIVEAWAY

I am so EXCITED that the Where Women Create Book of Inspiration in here!

The book goes behind the scenes and in the studio with some amazing and creative women. I am honored to have been a part of this project because my studio is actually the #1 thing in my life as an artist that is most important to me. I have gone from working in the bathtub in college (to keep the paint contained in my tiny studio apartment) to a small guest rooms, to kitchen floors, to hallways, to now working in a large transformed garage where I have NO RULES! I am not lying when I say that every day when I walk downstairs and into my studio, I am filled with joy and appreciation for the space that I work in. My studio truly represents my life long journey as an artist- at times feeling nonexistent and limited, my creativity being confined to corners, wishing for room to reach higher, my goals outgrowing my environment and FINALLY have a space that is large enough to hold my big creative dreams.

Jo Packham and Jenny Doh have created a book that is packed full of inspiration, yummy images, color and stories. Regardless of where you work, I guarantee that you will find encouragement, motivation and inspiration to create!!

And because I am so excited I am giving away a copy of the book signed with original artwork that I have painted on the first two pages!

Here are the rules-

Leave me a comment
Tell me your favorite place or space to create
I will draw one name and announce the winner on Saturday, April 10th morning!


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juliaD said...

I love to paint looking out onto my garden patio, in the Laundry!....I have long /large bench space along the window..
I think it's because the sink is there, and I like to keep washing my brushes out, and keeping things clean...A bit too tidy an artist unfortunately...but it's where I get my peace...xx..julia..Australia

Diana said...

Love love LOVE your work, Alisa, and I think wherever you create your work would be amazing. For me, it's in my tiny spare bedroom which is so full of stuff that I can hardly move, let alone be creatvie - but I keep trying!!

VictoriousVixen said...

since we moved, I've lost my sewing room...our living room has become my area to craft & that works just fine for me! =)

Charlotte said...

I create in my room that doubles as my dressing, sleeping, office, guest and living room. It is not tooo big so I had to use every available space well. It still feels light and airy, which I am ver proud of.
Thanks for offering the chat this week. Good luck with more creating.

SaraswatiChB alias Charlotte from Germany

kass said...

Alisa, this looks so great and I am sl pleased you've been featured. My studio is small and as my dreams for an artistic life grow, the space gets smaller! I may have to find a "real" studio before long!! For now it's working OK!

I actually love sketching and drawing while I am out and about - somewhere quiet but inspiring, where there are different patterns of life - maybe it's wallpaper in a store, a beautiful garden or a brick always gives me ideas to work on and the different environs gives a new perspective. My work has gone up a level since taking this approach!

Gina said...

Okay- if I'm not too late, I'm probably last and nothing last ever gets picked! But there is always hope!

I create mentally just about anywhere - but the actual work is at home, mostly in the living room. I have a craft room and that's where I sew, but finishing details, my lace work - all in the living room in a favorite chair. Painting is at the kitchen table. So, my creative spots are as multidimensional as I am. :-)

Unknown said...

I love creating at my kitchen table right now. My husband hates it but it gives my 3 year old daughter the chance to create right next to me. Some day I would love a large space to sprawl out on but for not the kitchen table is tops!

Unknown said...

I love to create in my head. There are times when my mind goes off on a tangent of wonderful creative imagination.
If I could get it to translate out through my fingers...
{Alisa, thank you for your consistent inspiration!}

Unknown said...

unfortunately im living in a situation where i cant have a creative space all to myself at the moment, so everywhere has had to be my creative space.
I have a notebook i carry around when i have a thought or idea and its looking really awesome though!
everyone should carry around a little ideas and inspirations notebook :)

Cheryl Howes said...

I have taken over half of a den area to create in for right now. There is only room for one table, a small roll cart and a place for my printer. No, its not my favorite place to create in right now. I know that I will have something wonderful later!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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