Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today was spent preparing for a lecture and demonstration that I will be giving this weekend at the local library. I have large canvas to paint, samples to sew and kits to assemble. As I have mentioned before, I have to paint outside because of my messy habits and knack for spilling paint on carpet- so my day was spent outside surrounded by green grass, wind through the trees and the sound of the ocean. Peaceful- YES- but I think it was after I spilled paint on my parent's deck (shhhh..I got it out before anyone saw!) and when my canvas blew away in the wind, that for a brief moment I really started missing my studio space!


Kittyj said...

OOH - I'm getting excited!!!

Virginia said...

Oh I love your canvas made me giggle thinking of you outside though painting - I want a studio where i can throw it around - I had to be very refrained when doing your awesome Graffiti Chic course when we got to the paint splatters LOL - my Mum saw some of my art work and loved the 'splatter' effect that she tried that part herself on a project she was working on - she got black paint all over her white kitchen, when I saw it the day after (after she'd tidied up) it was still present on the floor, the cooker hood and the side of the microwave - made us all giggle! Outside sounds like a good solution - problem in Yorkshire is that we can't always have the best of weather! Hope you're having an awesome day.

LR said...

paint and carpets just don't mix. what an inspirational place to paint as we celebrate earth day.

Unknown said...

if we make a graffiti carpeting who would KNOW?

painty throw rugs for ALL!
looks like you're having fun even if you're a bit homesick!


Anonymous said...

Dear Alisa, proud to be part of “Where Women Create Book of Inspiration” along with great artists and creative souls like you! Today I have spent the entire afternoon flickering my way through all blogs and websites of the participators – what a lot of GREAT views and eye candy!

My first – but definitely not the last visit at your blog!


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